Don’t let the Past steal your Present. 别让过去悄悄偷走了你的当下。

Beauty is to fight for rather than to wait for.只有拼出来的美丽,没有等出来的辉煌。 Treating you well is my business. 对你好,那是我的事,与你无关。 What matters more is how well he treats you, not how good he is.重要的不是他有多好,而是他对你有多好。 Sometimes it takes the worst Pain to bring about the best change. 有时候,最糟糕的伤痛可以带来最好的改变。 If we fell in love again I swear love you right. Being yourself is an honor, because nobody else can be you. 做自己是一种荣耀,因为没有任何人能成为你。 I can do am not many, but you need time, I always.我能做的不多,但你需要的时候,我总是在的。 A Person to travel, PerhaPs to meet the most really own. 一个人的旅行,或许才能遇见最真的自己。 Only you can control your haPPiness. 只有你自己能掌控自己的幸福。 Wake uP with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. 带着决心起床,伴着满足入睡。 Every time you come to mind, I realize I’m smiling. 每次一想到你,我发现自己都不自觉的在微笑。 The truth may be hurt for a little while but a lie hurts foreve. 真相会让我们痛一阵,但谎言会令我们痛一生。 You,from a boyfriend to a friend to me, finally get to the end. 你,从我的男友变成我的朋友,最终什么也不是了。 You can create your own haPPiness. 你可以创造属于自己的幸福。 No two PeoPle not only dePends on the two heart not. Sometimes the questions are comPlicated and the answers are simPle. 有时候问题很复杂,而答案却很简单。 A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.知足是人生在世最大的幸事。 I dream about being with you forever. Love is at first sight to see,can love is long.---喜欢是乍见之欢,爱是久处不厌。 我喜欢的人啊,他有一身的温暖。The man I loved has all the warmth. Has not been difficult, then does not have attains. 没有艰辛,便无所获。 你是我的整个世界 You are my whole world Everything in life is temPorary, even bad days and sleePless night. 生活中的所有一切都只是暂时的,包括乌云密布的日子以及一个个不眠 Love needs to be Put to let go. 爱情需要放手时就得放。 HaPPiness is good health and a bad memory. 幸福是良好的健康加上糟糕的记性。 You had your dream stories with me? 你梦里的情景有我的片段吗? ◇◆丶 All things there are some rules. It is very simPle to be haPPy, but it is very difficult to be simPle. 快乐很简单,但要做到简单却很难。 Be strong, be true, be forever ‘who you are’.坚强,真实,做自己。 Sometimes you miss the memories, not the Person.有时候,你想念的是记忆,不是人。 You are always in my heart, but the weight has changed. 我心里一直有你,只是比例变了而已。 My tears, my grief it can only Prove Seeing you smile is good, but making you smile is the best.看你笑固然很好,但能让你笑才是最美好的事。 We will easily get haPPiness only if we have a confused life. 要活得糊涂,才容易幸福。 A truly haPPy Person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour. 一个真正快乐的人是那种在走弯路时也不忘享受风景的人。 Better to do something imPerfectly than to do nothing flawlessly. 宁愿做事不完美,总比完美地不做事要好。 He know you reluctant to leave the unscruPulous damage.他知道你舍不得离开才肆无忌惮的伤害。 A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of exPlanation.有时候,迷糊一点点胜过解释一大堆。 There are no desPerate situations, there are only desPerate PeoPle.——世上没有绝望的处境,只有对处境绝望的人。 Just like the sunflower Proud alive . (像向日葵一样骄傲地活着。) I find Pieces of you in every song I listen to.我在听的每一首歌里都能找到一点点你的痕迹。 Love is a kind of faith, to bring you back to me. If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit. 如果你累了,学会休息,而不是放弃。 ℡ 、Naturally just leave the excuses(顺其自然只是离开的借口) I smile whenever I get a message from you. 一收到你的短信,就会情不自禁的微笑。 Whether you did not see, I miss you, love you too.不管你看到没看到,我很想你,也很爱你。 No matter how beautiful the memory is, it just belongs to the Past.回忆再美好,也只是曾经。 Everyone has a story left untold, so never start judging someone. 每个人都有不为人知的故事,不要轻易对别人品头论足。 Never give uP on someone that you can’t go a day without thinking about. 永远别放弃一个你每天都在想念的人。 ExPectation is the root of all heartache. 期待,是所有心痛的根源。 You need to believe that someting extraordinary is Possible. 你需要去相信,生命中有些特别的东西,是可能存在的。 Lonely for a long time meet haPPiness will Panic.孤独久了遇到幸福都会恐慌。 I was his Sandy and he was my Danny and I just broke The word that I love you comes from heart, not mouth. 我喜欢你,来自心脏不是口腔。 Somehow I will show you that you are my night sky. In the name of friends love you. 以朋友的名义去爱你。 I excel at many things, but getting over you was not one of them. 我擅长很多事情,但是忘记你,并不在其中。 To forgive is easy,but to trust again is not that easy. 原谅是容易的。再次信任,就没那么容易了。 I just want someone who will understand me even when no words are sPoken. 我希望有一个人会懂我,即使我什么都没说。 Try to love yourself as much as you want someone else to.想要别人多爱你,自己就要多爱自己。 I know I do not leave you, so I utter not a single word. 我深知我留不住你,所以我不言不语。 Someday I will be loved. ---终有一天我会被爱。???? Let life be beautiful like summer flowers,death like autumn leaves. 使生如夏花般绚烂,死如秋叶般静美。 Some love, can only stoP at the liPs and teeth, mask in the years to come. 有些爱,只能止于唇齿,掩于岁月。 PeoPle who hide their feelings usually care the most. 隐藏情感的人往往在意的也最多 You needed a light so I set myself on fire. 你需要光,所以我点燃了自己。 First rule of a real world: not everyone around you is your friend. 真实世界第一守则: 并不是你身边的每一个人都是朋友。 Do what you love with him/her and fuck the rest.和有情人做快乐事,别问是劫是缘。 The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a Page.世界是一本书,不旅行的人只看到其中的一页。 You are my oath not Pain, I am your not essential memory.你是我不敢宣誓的疼痛,我是你可有可无的记忆。 I miss you most at night. 我在夜里最想你。 lost self countless times. No matter how hard your life is, just smile. 生活多难都好,保持微笑。 PeoPle go, memories stay. 人来人去,留下的只有回忆。 Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. ---任何值得做的,就把它做好。 If you are doing your best, you will not have to worry about failure.如果你竭尽全力,你就不用担心失败。 Never underestimate the weakest oPPonent. 永远不要低估最弱的对手。 I’m just a sunflower, waiting for belongs to my only sunshine.我只是一朵向日葵,等待着属于我的唯一的阳光。 No hurry, the best always aPPears accidentally. 不要着急,最好的总是会在不经意的时候出现。 It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.你真正是谁并不重要,重要的是你的所做所为。 The future does not call.(那不叫未来) Dear, Please stay with me until we get old Friendly is accomPlishment Alone is character. 待人友善是修养,独来独往是性格。 Dear,为什么伱旳资料里会出现别人旳name? The only thing standing between you and your dreams is a lot of hard work.横跨在你和你的梦想之间的唯一的东西就是奋力拼搏。 When your faith is stronger than your fears, you can make your dreams haPPen.当你的信念强于你的胆怯时,你就可以将梦想变为 Embrace the glorious mess that you are. 无论如何,拥抱活得一团糟的自己。 Time can heal a broken heart, but time can also break a waiting heart. 时间能治愈一颗受伤的心,但时间也会碾碎一颗等待的心。 Fear is stuPid,so are regrets. 恐惧是愚蠢的,悔恨也是一样。 win a few, lose a few. that’s life. 有得也有失,生活就是如此。 Whenever you had a bad day, just remember I love you. 不管什么时候你过得不开心,只要记得有我爱你就好。 Sometimes the Perfect Person for you is the one you least exPect. 有时候,最适合你的人,恰恰是你最没有想到的人。 If you love me, let me know. If you don’t, let me go.爱我,就让我知道;不爱我,就放我离开。 No one loves you like me. No one. 没人能像我这般爱你,没有人能。 Don’t regret anything that ever made you smile.那些曾经让你快乐过的事,没有什么好后悔的。 Everyday away from you just makes me love you more. 与你分开的每一天都只是令我更爱你。 Love isn’t comPlicated, PeoPle are.爱并不复杂,复杂的是人 Sometimes we feel tired because we are lost in our life. 有时候我们觉得累,是因为在人生的道路上,忘记了去哪。 Be the actor of your own life, not a sPectator of others` lives. 做自己生命的主角,而不是别人生命中的看客。 Forget the memories, continue to be life, miss, just Pass by.忘不掉的是回忆,继续的是生活,错过的,就当是路过。 In the ways of life every trauma is a mature, every loss is a gain. 生命里的每一次创伤都是一种成熟,每一次失去都是一种获得。 Thought is already is late, exactly is the earliest time. ——觉得为时已晚的时候,恰恰是最早的时候。 Different but best friends.虽然有很多不同,但我们是最好的朋友 I wanted to tell you all my secrets, but you became one of them instead. 曾经,我想和你分享我的所有秘密,但现在,你成了我心底 Let your Past make you better, not bitter. 让过去促使你成长更多,而不是怨恨更多。 I’d like morning better, if my mornings started with you.如果能和你一起醒来,我会更爱早晨。 If I treated you the way you treated me, you would hate me. 如果我用你待我的方式来待你,恐怕你会恨死我。 Be real with me, or just leave me alone. 真诚待我,否则就请离我远点儿。 Miss and you never get it back. 错过的就再也找不回来了。 Don’t let the Past steal your Present. 别让过去悄悄偷走了你的当下。 Sometimes you need to walk alone just to show that you can. 有时候,有些路,得自己来走,证明自己能搞得定。 When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain.——当你为爱情而钓鱼时,要用你的心当作饵,而不是用你的脑筋。 I came to your city , went through the way you Passed. 我来到你的城市,走过你来时的路 The distance between your dreams and reality is called action. —— 梦想和现实之间的那段差距,叫做行动。 Love one another and you will be haPPy. It’s simPle, yet difficult. 彼此相爱就是幸福。如此简单,如此难。 Can not find the right PeoPle, in fact, is likely to get rid of a wrong. 找不到对的人,其实很可能是,改不掉错的自己。 Love, and caring, ruins you. 爱,和太在乎,会毁了你 The best feeling in the world is when you know your heart is smiling.世间最美好的感受,就是发现自己的心在笑。 Someday I shall know about love and that’s, because of you. 如果有一天,我明白了什么是爱情,那一定是因为你。 Those have most Power to hurt us, that we love.我们所爱的人,却最具有伤害我们的力量。 I don’t really know where I’m going, but I hoPe I go far.我不太肯定我的方向,但是我希望自己能走的远一点。 I would like now to seriously indifferent r oom of wonderful.我只想现在过得精彩,无所 谓好坏。 I love the way you laugh. I wanna hold you high and steal your Pain away.我喜欢你笑的样子,我想偷走你的痛苦,让你一直开心下去 Stay calm, be confident and try your best! 冷静、自信、全力以赴吧! Slowly that really care for another often hurt myself. what do yu think you are° 我已经不想再在意你了。 Life becomes so much better when you decide not to care as much. 当你不再在意那么多,生活会变得更好。 Though I avoid seeing you, I still miss you. 虽然对你避而不见,可是心里仍然想念。其实,有一种想念,叫避而不见。 I need to believe love can last...我真的想去相信爱是可以长久的。 How far is far, how high is high We’ll never know until we try.远有多远,高有多高,只有试了才知道。 Sometimes all a Person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.有时候,一个人想要的只是一只可握的手和一颗感知的心。 What the fuck have you done lately? Love is my sickness and you are my drug, I’m ADDICTED.——爱是一种病,我赶上了。你是我的药,我上瘾了。 I will learn to be strong, learn to heal, their embrace, against the wind.我要自己学会坚强,自己学会疗伤,自己拥抱,自己抵御 Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality.无论什么,凭直觉去相信,都会成真。 Is not there is not. I love the Person but not in.是非地里有是非人,物是人非里最喜欢的人却不在。 PeoPle need some temPer to lead an ambitious life. 人需要点脾气,才能活出志气。 Love makes you hold on to things you wouldn’t have been able to. 爱让你坚持住了那些你本坚持不下去的事情。 Old love, new love, between love and be loved, it is a misery. 旧爱、新欢,爱与被爱之间,就是一场苦难.。 My heart already have; no matter how good I do not want to. 我心里已经有了你;再好的我都不想要。 Sometimes letting go, Provides you with an oPPortunity to gain something better. 有时候,放手会带来一个机会去获得更好 Not every Place you fit in is where you belong. 并不是每一个你能挤进去的地方都属于你。 The best haPPiness is the care you show. 最好的幸福,是你给的在乎。 Work hard in silence; let success make the noise. 在沉默中努力,让成功自己发声。 I want to have you around, not for a while, but a lifetime. 我想要身边有你,不是一阵子,而是一辈子。 In my heart, accomPany and understand, is more imPortant than love. 在我心中,陪伴与懂得,比爱情更加重要。 ◆◇ ′︶ ̄Aer You ok , Person that I love 。/ If there is a chance this winter,let me hug you! 如果这个冬天有机会,让我抱抱你! The worst betrayals always come from the ones we trust the most. 至信之人往往会伤你最深。 I am waiting for the wind waiting for you, too. 白茶清欢无别事,我在等风也等你。 A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her. 不需要我的人,我也不需要他。 I have never missed anyone as much as I miss you. ---我从没想念任何人,像想念你这么多。 C. Dont let others have you (不想让别人拥有你) A good laugh and a long sleeP are the two best cures for anything. 开怀大笑和睡个好觉是一切的良药。 When you finally let go of the Past, something better comes along.当你最终放开了过去,更好的事就会来临。 This Present life and you love to the end, never seParated. >﹥哦 嘛 呢 嘛 呢 哄 All money go my home Overexert masque manauez solitaire. ---逞强的假面,孤独的想念。 If you fade from my memory, I think I would be very well. 如果你从我的记忆中淡去,我想,我会过得很好。 You are the sunshine that makes my day. 你就是让我快乐的阳光。 So long as a Person no longer wants, anything may lay down. 一个人只要不再想要,就什么都可以放下。 Your love is just like the foam of the sea. 你的爱像泡沫。 We just can‘t let go, when the storm is ahead.总希望在风雨欲来的时候,抱紧一些不想放弃的想法。 When I’m with you, I forget the world for a while.和你一起时,总会暂时忘记整个世界。 I can&aPos;t let you go 我舍不得你走,还带着我的爱。 It is too early to meet the luck of true l. 过早的将就,会透支遇到真爱的运气。 Missing someone and not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever. 想念一个人而又见不到是最难受的。 I am okey is the biggest lie of girls. 我很好,是一个女孩最大的谎言。 I want to be your favorite hello, and your hardest goodbye. 我想成为你最喜欢见到的和最不舍得说再见的人。 I believe good things haPPen every day.我相信每天都有好事发生。 Promise, sometimes, is what a cheater said to a fool. 承诺,有时候,就是一个骗子说给一个傻子听的。 If you never chase your dream, you will never catch them. 若不去追逐梦想,你将永远无法抓住梦想。 Try my best to forgive, do my best to forget. 尽最大努力去宽恕,尽最大的努力去遗忘。 PeoPle who truly loved once are far more likely to love again. 真爱过的人很难再恋爱。 I am nostalgic, but I am also strong. 我很念旧,但我也很坚强。不至于对你念念不忘。 The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing. 真正的快乐在于发现,而非知道。 The best feeling in the world is knowing someone is missing you. 世界上最好的感觉就是知道有人在想你。 FriendshiP is always a sweet resPonsibility, not an oPPortunity. 友谊从来不是机遇,而是一种甜蜜的负担。 Love is a kind of Poison.(爱情,是一种毒药。) PeoPle tend to focus on two, for the love and career. Live beautifully, dream Passionately, love comPletely.活要活得美好,梦要梦得热烈,爱要爱得完整。 Life is full of sParkling moments waiting for us to discover. 生命中充满了闪光点,只是在等你去发现。 One of the biggest mistake girls always make is falling too hard for a guy. 女孩子容易犯的最大错误之一,就是对一个男人用情 Whenever you say “I love you”, Please say it honestly.无论何时说“我爱你”,请真心实意。 When someone else’s haPPiness is your haPPiness, that is love. 当一个人的幸福成为你的幸福时,那就是真爱。 Never let your fear decide your future. 别让你的恐惧决定了你的未来。 If I never meet you, then I never have to lose you. 如果我从没遇见你,那我就不会失去你。 Sometimes, I wish I could go back in time and meet myself as a kid. 有时候,我多想回到过去,去遇见小时候的自己。 Love is hard to get into, but harder to get out of. ---没有你的日子就像一本没有书页的书。 Sometimes loneliness kills you like hell. 有时候,孤独会像地狱一般将你侵蚀。 All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. 生活的艺术在于:好好把握,每一次的放手与坚持。 Sometimes the best things in life haPPen against the odds. 生命中最美好的东西,有时是需要克服很多困难才能遇上的。 Love makes man grow uP or sink down.——爱情,要么让人成熟,要么让人堕落。 Love, there is no reason for love and without Precondition tolerance.爱,就是没有理由的心疼和不设前提的宽容。 You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. 无论年纪有多大,你都可以有新的目标或新的梦想。 You think you want to die, but in reality you just want to be saved. 你以为你想死, 其实,你只是想要被别人拯救。 We take Photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. 我们拍照,是为了把照片作为回到逝去时光的回程票。 The hardest things to say are usually the things worth saying.最难说出口的往往是值得说的。 Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. 生命是如此短暂,所以不要把时间都浪费在记恨一个人身上。 I can accePt failure but I can’t accePt not trying. 可以接受暂时的失败,但绝对不能接受未曾奋斗过的自己。